Monday, March 16, 2009

Simple lessons

Early season race training can lead to some common mistakes. My Saturday workout was a 2hr ride with some tempo efforts followed by a 1.5hr run that was supposed to step up in effort each 30 mins. I did the ride on my computrainer and it went smoothly. I had planned on running outside on a hilly course for the run. I headed out and immediately realized that it was still REALLY cold. Then at 20 mins out, I started to bonk. Now the combination of freezing and bonking was not that enticing to me, especially since it's just March. I had made the common mistake of underfueling during my bike and I was really paying for it on the run as I felt dizzy and disoriented. I decided to turn around and head home for the warmth of my treadmill and see if I could get some calories in. I finished up the workout at home and re-inforced two important lessons. 1. Always check the weather report before heading out 2. fuel properly or pay the price.

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