Sunday, April 20, 2014

70.3 Puerto Rico- Stay in the moment

I was really looking forward to opening up my 2014 racing season down in Puerto Rico. My off-season strength and training blocks had gone very well and I was eager to get outside and race. My one concern was the lack of outdoor training I had accumulated since racing Kona back in October. Due to our brutal winter in the northeast, I came into the race with one outdoor bike ride and four outdoor runs. So I was looking forward to some warm conditions and testing my indoor fitness gains. I was fortunate to have my support crew with me. 70.3PRsupport Race morning started out very smooth with some beautiful conditions: 78 degrees and partly sunny 70.3PRracemorning Swim: 28:52 I made sure to get in a good warm up with my Blue Seventy skin suit: I was definitely ready to go by the time my wave went off. I was able to catch some feet to the first turn buoy, which helped set my tempo for the rest of the swim. I was happy to come out of the water with the 37th overall and 4th age group time. After a 1/3 mile run to T1 I was eager to test out my new Trek Speed Concept: 70.3PRbikeprerace Bike: 2:15:07 70.3PRbike My coach, Paul Regensberg, had prescribed a gradual build in effort for the bike and run sections since this was the first race of the year. So my goal was to stay in the moment and just flow below my normal race pace. The combination of the slightly lower effort and my nutrition game plan allowed me to come off the bike feeling very fresh. I was able to move up to 9th overall and 1st in my age group. 70.3PRbikefinish Run: 1:24:35 I felt fantastic heading out onto the run section. However, my coach's advise kept me focused on a smooth turnover. I managed to stay relatively cool and keep my internal temps low with the help of my Skins compression arm sleeves. 70.3PRrun2. The only problem I encountered on the run was a bit of cramping that started 2.5 miles into the run. In hindsight, I had gone into the run a bit low on my sodium intake. So I shortened my stride and used my 4 salt tabs strategically. I was able to keep the cramping at bay and I crossed the finish line feeling the freshest I've ever felt after 70.3 miles of racing. Finish: 4:13:17/ 6th Overall/ 2nd Amateur 70.3PRawards