Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday's 3hr trainer ride

So I told my kids that I had a long bike workout for Sunday. My two youngest boys asked if they could ride with me. That's Connor (2yrs old) riding next to me and Spencer (3yrs old) showing his enthusiasm. Having the kids ride for some of the workout made things go by quicker, but it got interesting as they both wanted to ride at the same time. My wife has informed me that we need a third trainer... All three of the boys really love to ride bikes. Ryan, my oldest, would ride with me when he was younger and Spencer spent a few days last winter riding with me. I finished up the ride, cleaned up then headed to Spencer's ice hockey lesson. Today was the first day that he really skated (ie. not just walked across the ice). He was even able to participate in the drills with the older kids. I have to say that watching him skate for the first time was one of the most enjoyable moments.