Thursday, January 1, 2015

Staying Healthy

What is your "go to" remedy to stay healthy? I am asked that question many times this time of year. My response is: 1. Sleep 2. Probiotics 3. Healthy nutrition habits 4. Appropriate supplements (if necessary). I have been able to track my sleep patterns recently using the Timex Move X20. I love keeping a record of my sleep patterns. It's very interesting to see the good, bad, and ugly of my nightly sleep. I take a daily probiotic to help keep my gut healthy and fend off the common cold and upper respiratory infections. I try to keep a very simple nutrition pattern that includes nutrient dense choices. I get my blood checked 2 times a year to see where I might need to supplement in order to keep things in balance. I usually find that I am deficient in Vitamin D and B12. So I use the appropriate supplementation to get back into balance. I also try to keep my immune system as strong as possible. So I use three products from Standard Process to stay in front of things. The first is Immuplex, which helps support normal range white blood cell activity. I also take Eleuthero, which helps to support immune system function, promotes vitality, physical, and mental endurance. Finally I use Ganoderma and Shiitake which helps to promote the body's normal resistance function. Stay healthy!

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