Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Power of knowing

I have been working with a healthcare professional for over a year in conjuction with my Standard Process supplements. However, I really wanted to dial in my nutrition needs and specify exactly what I needed. I recently did a full metoabolic testing as well as toxin testing. I did this testing through my nutritionist Alison Held at my facility Personal Training Professionals of Southport. Alison and I worked out the testing protocol. I had about 8 quarts of blood drawn (I'm joking, but it felt like that) as well as some urine samples. The test came back with a 50 page report of my individual profile. This was a very enlightening report and identified many issues I have. Alison was able to use this report and make more informed recommendations for my supplementation. I am a big believer in the Standard Process line of supplements. I also like how they require you to work with a professional.
There are so many supplements on the market these days. The supplement industry is an 18 billion dollar a year industry and 90% of all supplements on the market today are synthetic.
I am very happy that I went through the process of the testing and really dialing in on my supplement needs.

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