Thursday, May 7, 2015

Genetic Testing

I love to learn. I also love to test. Each year I try to do something new to learn about my body and how I can maximize my physiological potential. Over the years, I've tested the following: VO2 max, blood threshold, sweat loss, metabolic efficiency, and wind tunnel. I always learn a lot from each experience. This year Standard Process came out with a new type of Genetic and Fitness assessment using DNA analysis. The link is here: The steps were very easy and not intrusive at all. I had to take a brief survey and do two cheek swabs. I sent the cheek swabs back to the lab for analysis. I was then provided with a 22 page report that gave me feedback on how I can improve my nutrition and fitness. This report is based on the analysis of my DNA, so it is completely unique to me. I discovered many interesting things from the report. One item that was especially interesting is that I have a salt-sensitivity. As an endurance athlete, this sensitivity can create some issues in my longer events. From an athletic stand point, my genes showed that I, personally, benefit from a combination of power and low intensity endurance activities. The report showed that I am at 77% of my potential for my nutrition and lifestyle. Overall, the report was very thorough and I look forward to working on the areas I need to improve on.

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