Sunday, October 11, 2009

Core Training

I love watching the on-line coverage of the Hawaii Ironman. There was a lot of chatter this year in regards to the core training that Craig Alexander and Chrissy Wellington put in under the supervision of Dave Scott. Craig and Chrissy were both looking super lean.
I'm a huge believer in proper core training. I, finally, started incorporating core training into my weekly regime, this year. The added body awareness and strength from core training is tremendous. The key is to learn how to perform exercises properly. As the body adjusts to frequent core training, one's bio-mechanics naturally become better. As I like to tell my personal training clients, everything starts with the core. If one's core is weak, the odds of injury go up dramatically. I encourage everyone to build core training into their training programs. In addition, working with a personal trainer that is qualified and knowledgeable on core training is very effective and will help to reinforce proper form and technique. Good luck training.

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