Friday, October 9, 2009

Benefits of making a list before heading to races

This is my tenth year racing triathlons, yet I continue to make some classic rookie mistakes. I have traveled quite a bit this year to race. During this travel, I seem to think that I've got my routine down. However, almost every trip I have forgotten at least one critical item for my trip. The simple answer to this is to have a LIST. Everyone should have a race item list written down. Everytime that one travels to a race, every item on the list should be checked off. It's a very simple concept, yet so many of us constantly forget things.
Here are a few of my omissions this year:
1. REV3 1/2 IM: morning of the race, I left all of my calories in my refrigerator
2. 70.3 Calgary - my heart rate monitor battery was dead and useless, however I didn't realize this until I got onto the bike during the race
3. 70.3 Timberman - my powermeter needed to be recalibrated and had some crazy, useless readings. I did not realize this until I got onto the bike
4. Best of the US - my skinsuit ripped the morning of the race. I should have checked it more thoroughly before I left
5. Best of the US - I forgot my powermeter computer at home and didn't realize until I was out in California
Here is the most classic omission I've ever heard of from a friend:
1. IM Lake Placid - a friend of mine forget his running shoes! He didn't realize this until he got to T2. He borrowed a pair from a volunteer that were 2 sizes to big and had a horrendous run. (OUCH!)

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