Thursday, February 13, 2014

Standard Process 21 Detox - Follow Up

I wanted to write a quick recap of my 2014 Detoxification experience. As I stated in a earlier post, this was my fourth year participating in a healthy detox. Each year I have learned new things. This year I was able to manage my caloric needs much better. My energy levels stayed very high throughout the entire 21 days and I did not experience any caffeine withdrawal headaches at all. I did have the usual heart rate spike while the organs were detoxed, but my exercise heart rate levels quickly stabilized and even surpassed previous efficiency levels. I lost 10.2lbs and my body fat dropped 4.4% from start to finish. I'm now down at my race weight and my energy levels continue to stay very high. I was able to really dial in on my blood sugar levels this year. I now have better knowledge how to keep these levels more constant throughout the day. This was a very useful experience to kick off my year.

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