Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tower 26

I traveled out to Santa Monica, CA this past weekend for a coaching clinic. The day prior to my trip, I received an e-mail inviting all attending coaches to an open water swim the morning of our first seminar. The swim was scheduled to take place at Tower 26, near the Santa Monica Pier.

There would be a workout and the swim was organized and directed by Gerry Rodrigues.

I was a bit late to the workout due to a little navigational issue on my part. However, once I landed, I experienced a fantastic, organized, and energetic open water swim session. I would encourage anyone traveling out to that part of California to look up Gerry. He's a phenomenal swimmer and a great coach. Gerry also coaches at the Trifit Multisport facility in Santa Monica.
It will be well worth it to get involved in one of these open water swims. I took full advantage of the area and swam every day I was out there. I witnessed a few dolphins swimming around the same buoy we were using for our course. That sight sent the heart rate climbing at first, when I saw a single fin, until I realized the fin was coming from a dolphin and not those other swimming machines.
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